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We would like to share with you the latest episodes of our brand new series, “Healthcare Metaverse” brought to you by our HealthTech team. In this series, we discuss the potential that the metaverse has to transform the delivery of healthcare along with opportunities and challenges it may present. In the first episode, our team gives a brief introduction of the concept of metaverse and issues that will be relevant to healthcare. Please click HERE…

With the advancement of technology, combined with the push from the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare services and patient engagement are being transformed. Healthcare delivery is moving to the next level with the metaverse experience made possible by AR, VR, mixed reality (MR) and AI. In this article, we discuss various key and unique challenges of the healthcare sector in the metaverse. Read more…

We discuss potential opportunities and issues that employers should bear in mind for work in the metaverse. With Covid-19 still very much present, remote and hybrid working are looking increasingly likely to stay. The metaverse looks likely to take the concept further with new implications for the employer-employee relationship.  Read more