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The Office of the Consumer Protection Board has published the notification regarding guideline on advertising claims in the Royal Gazette, now already effective. The details in the notification are in line with the draft notification, including provisions on the characteristics of statements that can be used in advertising and guidelines, methods, and conditions for citing facts from reports, research results, statistics, and certification from institutions or agencies. Read more…

The Trade Competition Commission of Thailand (TCCT) published an amendment to the guideline on fair trade practices relating to credit terms with small and medium enterprises (SMEs) which will become effective on 16 September 2022. The key amendment is on the definition of SMEs which requires business operators to satisfy both employee numbers and annual revenue thresholds to be considered as SMEs. Read more…

The Trade Competition Commission of Thailand (TCCT) has published new guidelines on offenses relating to unfair trade practices. Key changes in the new guidelines include re-grouping of conducts, additional details on economic loss, and introduction of de minimis threshold for superior bargaining power.  Read more