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2022年8月25日、「充電、前進:2022年タイのEV産業動向」ウェビナーを開催しました。 自動車産業のEV化による業界や法令環境の変化、及び投資家にとっての機会について、…

On 25 August 2022, Suriyong Tungsuwan, Noriko Sakamoto, Keerati Saneewong Na Ayudthaya, Chana Sooppipat, Varutt Kittichungchit spoke at our webinar “Charging Forward: Thailand’s EV Industry Outlook 2022” to share insights on the current legal landscape of the EV industry in Thailand and opportunities that lie ahead for investors.

The year 2022 marks a noteworthy year for a quantum leap in Thailand’s electric vehicle (EV) market. In this newsletter, we take a look at what to expect in Thailand’s EV space, along with what has been happening during the first half of 2022, including the new tax rates for EVs, EV-related investment promotion, and efforts and collaboration among public and private sectors. Read more.

The Thai Cabinet has agreed to consider the proposed implementation plan for the short-term EV incentive scheme (2022-2025) which will include the exemption or reduction of import duties and excise tax, and conditional subsidies for electric passenger vehicles, electric pick-up trucks and electric motorcycles. Read more