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Seminar List

Date & Time Place Title Organizer Speaker
10/11/2015 Bangkok Thailand Tax Reform & Transfer Pricing Update Baker & McKenzie Prof. Kitipong Urapeepatanapong
16/9/2015 Bangkok Thailand Tax Reform: Myth or Reality? Baker & McKenzie Prof. Kitipong Urapeepatanapong
22/7/2015 Bangkok 2015 Thailand ASEAN Client Forum Baker & McKenzie Baker & McKenzie partners
10/7/2015 Bangkok Class Action : Key Issues Employers and HR Executives should know Baker & McKenzie Baker & McKenzie partners
22/6/2015 Bangkok Investing in Myanmar Baker & McKenzie, Kroll Christopher Hughes, others
27/4/2015 Bangkok Thailand’s changing legal landscape: The Data Protection Bill and its Impact on HR Management Baker & McKenzie Dhiraphol Suwanprateep,
Suriyong Tungsuwan
23/4/2015 Tokyo ASEAN Economic Community – Spotlight on the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industry Baker & McKenzie Peerapan Tungsuwan, Prim Uditananda
16/3/2015 Bangkok Tax and Non-Tax Incentives for International Headquarters (IHQs) and International Trading Centers (ITCs) Baker & McKenzie Pornapa L. Thaicharoen,
Panya Sittisakonsin,
Benedict Yong
13/3/2015 Bangkok Amendment to the Civil and Commercial Code in Relation to Guarantees and Mortgages Baker & McKenzie Prof. Kitipong Urapeepatanapong,
Viroj Piyawattanametha