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新しい世代の需要変化に合わせ、自動車業界の戦略は進化し続けています。シェアード・モビリティやマース(MaaS)などが主流になるかもしれません。 CASE自動車シリーズの今回の記事では、CASEの「S」である「シェアード・モビリティ」を取り上げています。 詳細につきましては、こちらをご覧ください。


This third article of the CASE series discusses the “A” of CASE, autonomous cars. With unceasing endeavor in technology advancement, the day autonomous cars will be realized is getting closer. While autonomous feature of tomorrow’s cars is expected to promise safer and smarter transportation, several related legal frameworks are required and are still under development.Read more


This second article of the CASE series discusses the “C” of CASE, Connected cars. Connected cars have diversified potential of features and are expected to provide smarter solutions to consumers. On the other hand, the increase in data communication in connected cars makes it important to be aware of relevant laws and regulations.Read more


The automotive industry is one of the most disrupted industries in the past decade. The current generation of automobiles have become much “smarter” with technological advancements. Challenges and disruptions boil down to “CASE”, which stands for Connected cars/Autonomous driving/Shared mobility/Electrification.This time, we would like to introduce the status of public and private CASE initiatives, including legislation in Thailand.Read more